Welcome to CSS Farms

The baseline of Agriculture in Nigeria

Developing full-scale mechanised Agricultural system in Nigeria through sustainable corporate initiatives programs and global partnerships.

Food Production and Processing
Organically grown and hand-picked
Our Crops and Fruits are farm fresh, vine-ripened and picked by hand.
Mechanised Farming
Tech-Driven Farming System
We supply and maintain, implement and remain leaders in the agronomy services.
Modern Irrigation Technology
We are deliver the very best
Turnkey irrigation and fertigation solutions for every crop type.
Training and Consultation
The ISAC Centre
Equipped with world class amenities for full scale training

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Farm Fresh Produce

Organically produced crops

Our Crops and Fruits are strictly organic, vine-ripened and hand picked. 

  • Farm fresh food and cash crops
  • Organically produced, vine-ripened and hand-picked.
  • Perfectly graded by size & hand packed
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Greenhouse Solutions

Our greenhouse solutions are specifically developed for our peculiar climatic condition and environment. 

  • High Quality Inputs and Technoloy
  • Developed for our peculiar climatic conditions & environment
  • Asymmetric greenhouses suitable for all crop types
  • Covered with specially designed polyethylene plastics & nets
  • Anchored on globally recognised & tested technologies
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High-Tech Irrigation System

We deliver the very best turnkey irrigation and fertigation solutions 

  • For every crop types and needs
  • Time tested filtration systems, fertigation systems, pipes, and valves
  • Significantly increases yields
  • Drip irrigation, sprinkler and Pivotal Irrigations
  • We guide and implement all irrigation and water supply projects
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Standard Training Institute

Our present day government battles to reduce the extremely high dependency of importation for consumable food stuff for its ever growing populace.

  • State of the Art Training Institute founded for excellence and creativity
  • World class standard and highly qualified facilitators
  • Three Lecture halls with over 1000 sitting capacity
  • 68 double bedded student accommodation, 28 executive accommodation and 100 Royal Session
  • Whole-Green-Organic Restaurant with over 250 sitting capacity
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CSS Group Set to launch ISAC Centre

A brand of Excellence, Passion and Creativity

CSS Global Integrated Farms

A leading, technology driven

Agribusiness Company in Nigeria.

The baseline and movement set to change the face of Agricultural practice in Nigeria.


How to find us

Are you resident in Abuja? Or just passing through?

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KM 10 Abuja-Keffi Expressway, Gora, Nasarawa State


+234 (702) 603–3333

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